SEEING THINGS is a visual album/ short film by multi-media artist patrick o’connor (a.k.a. ricky)

director’s note:

i come from Crystal Lake, Illinois, a decently large suburb of Chicago. i grew up with a passion for sports, and to this day, i often find myself translating the lessons i learned from competing, and being a teammate, to my artistic endeavors.

my career in filmmaking began from a slow, gradual, and somewhat natural process of falling in love with expressing ideas. my early ideas were expressed in the form of music fashion, and eventually writing for the screen.

i wasn’t interested in making my own films until i witnessed my friend create one (They Said to Get Better), in the summer after graduating from college. it was an incredible experience, and i’ve been working on scripts ever since, and part of that process for me is just watching films.

i find my film inspiration in two different forms: (subjectively) the worst films, and the best films. sometimes, i’ll see a movie and think that it is so poorly done, or the idea is so empty, that i find an urge to go make something better for the world. on the other hand, i’ll sometimes see a film i know i could never create, but nobody else could either, and it encourages me to dig deep into my personality and unravel something no one else could think of.

that is where Seeing Things comes from.